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North Coast Family Law Center Services

North Coast Family Law Center offers legal services to those couples having little or no contested issues and are seeking a cost effective means to achieve an amicable solution in divorce. It is the intention of the Family Law Center to provide an alternative to highly intensive and conflicted situations by objectively apprising the parties of their legal rights and facilitating communication between them to create a Marital Settlement Agreement that is satisfactory to both husband and wife.

This psycho-education approach not only empowers both parties with the knowledge about what their legal rights are in California but also decreases emotional reactivity allowing the parties to dissolve their current marital relationship with integrity. Part of the mediation approach of the Family Law Center is to help the parties create a new alternative pattern that considers the interests of all those affected by the dissolution.

The North Coast Family Law Center is a neutral and objective third party who has both husband and wife’s needs in mind when mediating unexpected conflicts. This process also allows the parties to move at a comfortable yet mutually agreeable pace. Ultimately, the Family Law Center will then prepare all the necessary documents, including the Marital Settlement Agreement, to file with the court and complete the dissolution process.